Pushbullet : Get Notifications From Your Android Phone to Your Computer

Syncing your Android Device to your computer is not uncommon.
Pushbullet creates a connection between your Android device and your desktop computer with the help of a Chrome extension or a Windows app. With Pushbullet you can now view push notifications on your computer and also respond to text messages from your PC.

In short, Pushbullet allows you to beam links, files and texts between your Android phone and your Desktop.


One of the most interesting features of Pushbullet is the Copy and Paste feature between your Android Phone and your computer. You have to first make sure you have the Windows and Android app installed. Then, highlight the content on your computer. Click Control-C or simply copy the highlighted portion. Then take your Android phone and paste it. The content you had copied from your PC will magically appear on the phone. You can also copy text from your Android device and paste it on your PC. It works either way. This creates a strong link between the two electronic devices making it feel like one.

Pushbullet is an interesting development and looks to be one of the best and most creative things currently in the Android territory.