Everything you need to know about the upcoming android update
In the alphabet palette, generally M is the letter that comes after L. You maybe surprised to find that Android M is the codename for the next Android version, after Android Lollipop.

Google mentioned Android M earlier, in a discussion of open Android source code that took place in September 2014. But what sweet food does the letter stand for- marshmallows?

Milkshake? Still remains a closely guarded secret.

The codename of the OS may be predictable from an already established pattern: since Froyo has followed the sequence of the alphabet. What may not be obvious is that Android M will bring further refinements to the enterprise use of Android.

As per a recent article, Google is expected to rollout the finished version of Android M sometime in this year’s third quarter, but it did release a developer preview in the recent Google’s Developer conference so that we can get an idea of what’s to come.

“There aren’t going to be big, obvious changes on Android M, mostly just tweaks to improve the experience, but everything will be kept contextual. – Says Rakeeb Rajbhandari, Android developer. “ (Quotes the article)

Android will now tailor-make the experience to suit the user’s preferences using what could be called as contextual awareness, says Rakeeb Rajbhandari. (As per the Article)

Rakeeb Rajbhandari announced a few changes that are likely to come in this new version,

• It would be able to know where you are and what you would need and cater to just that. For example, with Direct Share, Android would now learn about your top contacts and apps that you use frequently and let you share with them directly at the first go.

• Android would be able to detect the inactivity of your phone through motion detectors and allows it to go on an enhanced level of sleep, thus improving on battery life.

• Apart from that Android will now fully support USB Type-C. Instead of the usual shape, the latest version of USB is a small reversible plug, meaning you plug it in right the first time, every time. It also means higher rate of transfer and faster charge.

• Since the cable will also be bi-directional, M will also allow users to direct the power flow—you’ll be able to charge your phone or make it a charger for some other device.

• When you install apps on M, you will not receive all the access permission during installation. Instead, the system will ask for specific permission when the app tries to access a feature for the first time. This would make more sense for the user and would justify the app’s permission request.

There are, however, some minor user interface tweaks that help further polish the already great Lollipop experience, still continuing with the clean and minimalistic material design.


The Google owned operating system, is known to be present in most of the mobile phones in the world. Here are the 10 must-have apps that are exclusive to Android only.
Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the world and Google’s own Play Store is its largest app market. As of January 2015, Google’s play store has reached over 1.43 million apps published and over 50 million downloads.
While Play Store is home to many cross-platform apps there are many apps that are exclusive to Android OS only. We give you 10 must-try apps that exclusive for Android only.

1. Dashclock
It is a lock screen widget customization app with support for multiple extensions that display notifications all on one lock screen.

2. Nova Launcher
Nova Launcher
A top launcher for modern Android, Nova Launcher replaces your home screen with one you can control and customize. You can change icons, layouts, animations and more.

3. ES File Explorer
ES File Explorer
It brings a lot of Windows’ desktop UI’s familiarity to the Android platform – browsing files and folders, unzipping RARs, etc.

4. SwiftKey
In simple words, this is the best touchscreen keyboard ever, something that really goes a long way in making ‘typing’ great fun.

5. Applock
Besides locking screen, how about locking every single app on your phone? Never worry about a friend borrowing your phone to play games again!

6. Llama
Llama is an interesting location-aware app that automates a lot of things. It uses phone masts to determine your location, so that you can change your ringer, vibrate and ringtones depending on where you are as well as the time of day. It also provides you with sound profiles so you can quickly switch between quiet, loud, silent and normal sound settings. You can set your family, partner and children to ring even if your phone is set to silent! You can even create events and home screen short cuts to manage your sound profiles and more.

7. Unified Remote
Unified Remote
This app turns your Android device into an extensive universal remote for your Windows PC. It is preloaded with support for 90+ programs including moue & keyboard, media players, presentations, screen mirroring, power control, file manager, terminal, and much more.

8. Tasker
The Tasker app lets you automate Android like no other, putting it to work like a charm.

9. Airdroid
This is a remote desktop app for your Android device, that lets you transfer files between your devices, and share them with your friends. letting you work on it like a PC.

10. Google Now
Google Now
From your primary home screen, swipe right to access Google Now cards that give you just the right information, at just the right time!

Celkon sets up handset facility in Hyderabad

Mobile handset firm Celkon Mobiles has set up a manufacturing facility in Hyderabad. With an initial capacity of 10,000 phones a day (three lakhs a month) with four lines, the company plans to double the capacity to six lakh phones a month.


“The Medchal facility is our step into manufacturing. We are planning for a bigger facility at the proposed Mobile Manufacturing Hub being planned in Telangana,” Y Guru, Chairman and Managing Director of Celkon Mobiles, told Business Line.

Telangana IT Minister K Taraka Rama Rao will formally inaugurate the facility in a week.


Guru said manufacturing of phones in India would help bring down the cost of phones by 5-6 per cent. “We will pass on the benefit to our customers,” he said.


Originally published by: The Hindu Business Line